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Infocus m808 Review: After 2 months of usage

Infocus is becoming a really popular brand in India these days and some phones of Infocus have been very successful. These successful phones include smartphones like Infocus m350 (Review), Infocus m330 (Review) & Infocus m810 (Review). In the mid of 2015, infocus launched a smartphone in the mid-range. The name of that phone is Infocus… Read More »

Samsung Galaxy J5 Review: Not Really for Gaming

Samsung is one of the most popular smartphone brand in the world, but it’s also popularly known by the name ‘Hangsung’ because of its laggy User Interface. Many other smartphone manufacturers like Motorola, Micromax, Xiaomi etc. believes in providing you best features and specifications that they can provide at a price point. But, Samsung believes… Read More »