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Xiaomi MI5 Overview: Comfirmed Specs & More Information

Xiaomi has unveiled its new flagship today i.e. MI5. There are lot of things new in this phone which were not available in previous flagships of Xiaomi. There are many disappointments also. If we look at the design language of the phone, we notice that it looks very much like the flagships of Samsung which… Read More »

Infocus m808 Review: After 2 months of usage

Infocus is becoming a really popular brand in India these days and some phones of Infocus have been very successful. These successful phones include smartphones like Infocus m350 (Review), Infocus m330 (Review) & Infocus m810 (Review). In the mid of 2015, infocus launched a smartphone in the mid-range. The name of that phone is Infocus… Read More »

Infocus m812 Review: Little Overpriced for the competition

Infocus is the brand that has become very popular in India within the one year of its first launch. It’s a company based in USA and it has manufactured many popular phones like the Infocus m530 (Review), Infocus m2 (Review) & Infocus m810 (Review). These smartphones have impressed me a lot as they offer unbelievable… Read More »

One Plus X Specs Review: Features, Price & Detailed Review

One Plus is the Chinese manufacturer that has delivered some great “Flagship Killers” to us. But they are not known for giving that premium feel in their smartphones. Well, few weeks ago, they have launched a smartphone that completely differs with that thinking. One Plus X is a smartphone that comes with a great design… Read More »